Dureid Malik Company DMC

Our company was established in 2003 in Iraq, and it is specialized in manufacturing cooling towers of all kinds open type, closed type as well as air wash systems. Air clouds
Our company is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the field of manufacturing cooling towers and air washers used in industrial, commercial and health centers.

Our clients …
You are the basis for our development and success. Without your trust in us, we would not be able to reach where we are now.

Why We Best?

We have encouraged our success and made us creative in the field since 2003, during the past seventeen years, and our ambition through our plans for the future, to continue.
Our goal is high quality in production, and we reach the goal thanks to your support and determination to meet the needs of the market and the consumer, according to the standards of large companies.
We strive to provide value in production
Because customer service is the foundation of our company’s reputation, and everything that was achieved is possible thanks to our engineering expertise and manufacturing according to an international standard to meet the needs of our customers, with our continuous commitment to excellence. Our localization of manufacturing capabilities, technical support and a firm commitment truly excels us in after-sales service and maintenance.

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